About YOMusic

An introduction to sound work by Yamaoka Yasuhiro. This is my brief synopsis.

Around 1975, I taught myself how to play, in my own way, with the sound devices around me (musical instruments, turntables, tape recorders, furniture or anything). About 1981, I began to compile my work as an album on cassette tape, and loaned it to my friends. In 1986, I bought a synthesizer. From then, rather than creating sound collage work, my improvised playing increased, until around 1990, when my sound work slowed down. In 1994, I began to make DTM (DeskTop Music) with newly bought sequencer software and a PCM sound module for my Mac. I then made about one composition a day. In 1995, I got sound waveform editor software, and slowly changed the way I worked from DTM with MIDI signal to HDR (HardDisk Recording) with sound waveform edit. Around 2000, my old Mac began to frequently crash, so I started working with a friend's Windows software. This change pushed me to make music totally in PC without using any other music hardware.




PCM Sound Module: E-mu Systems ProteusFX (sold out)
Synthesizer: Clavia DMI Nord Rack Ver1.6
Digital PCM sampler: Akai S1000 Ver4.40 (sold out)
Drum machine: Alesis SR16
Effector: Zoom Studio 1202 & 1204 (sold out)
MIDI keyboard controller: Roland PC-200 MK II (broken)
Mixer: Mackie MS1202-VLZ
Master recorder: Sony TCD-D8 (broken)

Computer: Apple Macintosh II vi (sold out), Apple PowerMacintosh 7100/80AV (sold out), Apple PowerBook G4 667MHz, Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2.8GHz (broken), Apple MacBook Pro 15" 2017 Sotec PC Station M260DV

Softwares on MacOS
Music work station: Opcode Systems EZ Vision Demonstration Version, Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer Ver.5.02, Apple GarageBand Ver.1.0/Ver.4.1.2, Apple Logic Pro Ver.9.0.5/X Ver.10.3.2
Sound editor: Passport Design Alchemy Ver.3.0, Macromedia SoundEdit16 Ver.2.0J, Bias Peak Ver.2.01/Ver.2.53TDM, Audacity 1.3.6, 2.1.1, Adobe SoundBooth CS4, Adobe Audition CS5.5
Sound processor: Reaktor Ver.2.31
Audio restoration: iZotope RX Advanced Ver.1.20/Ver.2.20

Softwares on Windows
Music work station: Sonic Syndicate Orion Ver.1.5/Ver.2.7/Ver.7.5
Sound authoring: Sonic Foundry Acid Pro Ver.1.0
Sound editor: Sintrillium Cool Edit Pro Ver.1.2/Ver.2.1
Sound processor: Reaktor Ver.2.5

Simulated analog synthesizer: Synth1 Ver.1.12, MinimogueVA Ver.2,3
Granular synthesizer: GranuLab Ver.1.0
Drum sound synthesizer: Maxis DrumSynth Ver.2.0
Rhythm machine simulator: Hammerhead
Sound effector: Arboretum Systems Hyperprism Ver.1.55