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These "Remix?" works were made with exchanging audio file through the web. Since mp3 technology made easier to exchange/transfer the better quality audio files than before, the similar phenomena had been occurred in various places on the web. And, this became a common thing. Techno Scholarship project had been begun under this circumstance. This was the beginning of my "Remix?" work. Remix culture, that we know today, was mostly cultivated in the dance music terirtoty. A traditional remix technique has been totally turned into a kind of term for transformation. My "Remix?" files shown here are made under this context.
Cathedral remixes image

01. Cathedral (not temple)   02. Cathdral (not mosque)   03. Cathedral (not cathedral)   04. Cathedral (not shrine)

In October 2004, NEWKNOWN (ex Newness Known) asked me that he wanted to remix one of my works as a part of his remix project: Bohtoku (defilement) Remix. I accepted. A few weeks later, he sent me an e-mail saying that his remix had been done, check these out. These? Yes, he made the four versions from my work! So, I decided to remix his work into four versions. As similar as he did. His Cathedral is one of my favourites. I broke down his Cathedral and rebuilt up the different four buildings from it. They are not temple, nor not mosque, not cathedral anymore, not shrine neither.

Cathedral composed by NEWKNOWN, remixed by Yeppie, October/2004.
©2004 Kano Saishin/Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
NEWKNOWN's Cathedral is on
ACE remixes image

Yeppie x ACE
05. Sleepwalking (destructive)   06. PIN.CC.O

Once, BBS at the web site of ACE (Tone Note/MIDI Strage) was the place for exchanging audio files and for discussion on music. He exhibited his Sleepwalking for "Hammerhead feast". (Hammerhead is a rhythm machine simulator software.) Later, he remixed his own Sleepwalking: Sleepwalking (suicide-mix). I made "destructive" version from these two versions. Several months later, he began using Acid (sound loop authoring software). PINOKO was his third work with Acid. The title PINOKO is taken from the name of the little girl character in "Black Jack": manga by Tedzuka Osamu. The refference of her name and of the role are from "Pinocchio": a well-known tale of the wooden little boy doll. The title PIN.CC.O, my transformed version for PINOKO, came from this background. PINOKO is withdrawn from ACE's web site now, I don't know why.

Sleepwalking composed by ACE, remixed by Yeppie, June/1999.
PINOKO composed by ACE, remixed as PIN.C.CC.O by Yeppie, November/1999.
©1999 Shigetomi Hiroaki/Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
y x n
07. phantom guitars (symphony in 5 movemnets)

"Symphony in 5 movements" is made from consecutive compositions "phantom guitar" from the web site of Nosaka. QuickTime Player has the function to be able to play more than two files at the same time, I tried to play all six files of "phantom guitar" in some style like a DJ would. The result was nicer than I expected. This is the beginning of this project. Glenn Branca is the composer known for his own ear-roaring guitar orchestra. His well-known compositions have the title "Symphony". After this, I add the subtitle "Symphony" to my work using six phantom guitars. Each movement constructs the symphony as: A1a-A2a-B-A2b-A1b, each duration is: 20sec, 40sec, 60sec, 80sec, 100sec. Ahead of each movement, there is a silent part: 1sec, 2sec, 3sec, 4sec, 5sec. Total duration was planned as 5min 15sec, but I don't know why, it is 5min 14sec in actual duration (the one lost second might have been eaten by phantom). Also, each movements has hidden subtitle: Chaos, Haunting, Sealed, Releasing, Invasion. This formation is taken from classic symphonies, because they have a certain aesthetic style of construction.
—Yamaoka Yasuhiro, November/2003

phantom guitar 1-6 composed by Nosaka Keiichi.
played by phantom guitar orchestra, phantom guitar by n, conducted by y, november/2003.
©2003 Nosaka Keiichi/Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

spongeman (out/space) -
08. spongeman 1 (outing space)   09. spongeman 2 (spacing out)   10. spongeman 3 (out of space)   11. spongeman 4 (space to out)   12. spongeman 5 (out from space)   13. spongeman 6 (space of out)

Work in this series is made from consecutive tunes "spongeman" from the web site of Nosaka. A reason for the work is that I like the imagery of sponges from his tunes. Another reason is, I got the (trivial) idea of word playing "n > y", because I was living in NY at that time. At first, I gave them the title "spongespace". Later, I changed it to add subtitles using two words: out/space. The reason why "space" is used, is that the name like "" seems to be used for the man who came from "outer" space with unbelievable amazing powers and abilities. Their sounds are "converted" with sound effector softwares. The images are also "converted" by using many effects similar to the sounds. Sometimes, "converting" includes a nuance of usurping.

spongeman 1-6 composed by Nosaka Keiichi.
originated by n, converted by y, november/2002.
©2002 Nosaka Keiichi/Yamaoka Yasuhiro.
phantom guitars image

phantom guitars

spongeman (out/space) image

spongeman (out/space)
Shiranai Oyaji remix image
Yeppie x Wantech
14. Shiranai Oyaji (try it!)

"Wantech visited Tone Note BBS of ACE, and asked how to get an extract of the vocal section apart from accompaniment; he called it "ekisu (essence)". ACE was showing the succeeded sample at his BBS. He wrote back "just try it", instead of giving the answer. Wantech could not reach the answer. Several days later, Wantech made a song: Shiranai Oyaji (an old stranger man). It's a song about unknown old man who is singing alone in the midnight. This was exactly what Wantech did. Wantech thought that singing by himself is easier rather than trying to extract the vocal part from a prepared audio file. Wantech uploaded the audio file of his vocal part to both of his web page and ACE's BBS. The other day, a web friend of Wantech opened the web page for remix entries. The first subject was Wantech's Shiranai Oyaji. It seemed an interesting idea because Wantech had a web site for Orion users, his friend had a web site for Acid users. (Both of two web sites no longer exsist.) Their calls for entries began almost at the same time. They had gotten 4 to 5 entries from Acid users, but from Orion users. So, I decided to enter my remix file that was made with Orion. And this is the last entry for this project.

Shiranai Oyaji words and music by Wantech.
remixed by Yeppie March/2001.
©2001 Wantech/Yamaoka Yasuhiro.

release date: 06.01.07, new package: 10.05.18