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01. Yet Ain't Hot Tonight
02. Practice of Romance
03. Light Me Up!
04. Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03

It began suddenly at my friend's BBS I used to visit. His idea was called Eurobeat feast, and I decided to make a track for this idea. 2 or 3 hours later, I completed Yet Ain't Hot Tonigh". This is not exactly a Eurodance tune, but I uploaded this on the BBS. Unexpectedly, this tune was welcomed, so, I made two more, and called these three Euroid.
4 years later, my friend asked me to make an updated version of Yet Ain't Hot Tonight. In July, Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03 was totally updated using Orion: music workstation software.

All files composed by Yeppie, April-May/1999 except "Yet Ain't Hot Tonight 03", July/2003.
©1999, 2003 Yamaoka Yasuhiro. All rights reserved.

original release date: 14.05.99, re-issue: 17.11.03, remaster: 20.05.18